Enabling the Web interface

The example at /docs/src/examples/basic-webinterface borrows the server.ts and task.ts from the basic example. Both processes have logging configurations, with the second process having custom logger settings which enable the periodic process to write its logs to separate files.

The web interface plugin is enabled by pup.jsonc and available at http://localhost:5000/

Example Files

  • pup.jsonc - Pup configuration, sets up task.ts to run at cron schedule 0/20 * * * * * (every fifth second), and enables web interface.


To activate the web interface plugin, set up the plugins:-section of your pup.json like this:

  "processes": [/* ... */],
  "plugins": [
      "url": "https://deno.land/x/pup@$VERSION/plugins/web-interface/mod.ts",
      "options": {
        "port": 5000

If running pup using the normal release channels stable or prerelease, $VERSION will be replaced by the version of the currently running pup instance. If running a canary version, or custom intallation, you can not use the $VERSION variable, and should give an absolute url.

Running the example

cd to /docs/src/examples/basic-webinterface directory.

Start example by running pup run if pup is installed, or something like deno run -A ../../../pup.ts run if not.

Browse to http://localhost:5000/