Server with periodical (cron) task

The example at /docs/src/examples/basic runs a Deno server script as a continuously monitored and restarted process, and a Deno task script executing every 5 seconds based on a cron schedule. Both processes have logging configurations, with the second process having custom logger settings which enable the periodic process to write its logs to separate files.


  • pup.jsonc - Pup configuration, sets up task.js to run at cron schedule 0/20 * * * * * (every fifth second), and server.js to be kept alive forever.
  • task.js - The actual script to run. Prints "Task starting and working ...." to console, and fails randomly to demonstrate how restarts works.
  • server.js - Fake server, prints the value of env.TZ to demonstrate custom environment variables, runs for 10 seconds, then exists, to demonstrade restart behaviour.


cd to /docs/src/examples/basic directory.

Start example by running pup run if pup is installed, or something like deno run -A ../../../pup.ts run if not.